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First Nations Ownership Breakdown

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The Yindjinbarndi Aboriginal Corporation is a Registered Native Title Body Corporate which is the representative institution chosen by the Yindjinbarndi People to be their Prescribed Body Corporate, under the Native Title Act 1993 (NTA). The YAC heads an alliance between the five most significant and long lived Yindjinbarndi organisations;

- Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation
- Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation
- Cheeditha Community
- Nigurrawaana Community
- Ngaarda TV & Radio

This alliance has a strong history of cooperative achievement with a focus on sustainable community development

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All of the Northern Territory & South Australia Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations (excluding the Adelaide Airport) are owned by the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation, a Registered Native Title Body Corporate which promotes the native titles rights of the Far West Coast Aboriginal peoples of South Australia. The FWCAC is governed by 3distinct cultural groups,

- Kokatha
- Mirning
- Wirangu

and also includes representation from Yalata Community, Oak Valley Community & Roberts family descendants.