The Advantages of Hiring a Purpose Equipped Vehicle

Australia has a unique environment, ranging from the cool breezes of the southern coast, the tropical regions of the northern shorelines, right through to the rocky deserts of the centre of the country. Each of these environments brings with it its own set of challenges, and travelling in the remote areas is particularly challenging, requiring kitted out vehicles to travel safely and comfortably.

For those who regularly visit the more remote regions, these vehicles are already found in their garage. But what about those of us who are exploring these regions only temporarily? Whether it’s for geological research, inspecting a potential construction site, or even just for the adventurer looking to explore the outback, purchasing a suitable vehicle for occasional use generally can’t be justified.

So what reasons are there for hiring a fully equipped off-road vehicle for your next expedition?

• Cost – For occasional expeditions into remote areas, is it financially viable to purchase a vehicle outright? Not only is there the cost of the vehicle itself, but there are also the associated costs relating to running it. Maintenance, licensing fees, insurance, and repairs are all ongoing costs for a vehicle regardless of how often it’s used during the year. By hiring a purpose equipped vehicle when it’s needed rather than purchasing one, the financial burden can be greatly reduced.

• Reliability – When purchasing a new vehicle, you are also purchasing its reliability. For the occasional usage vehicle, costs may be cut to maintain a budget which could lower the bar on the vehicle’s performance. New cars may not be as reliable as you think, and the level of reliability can decrease exponentially when looking into second-hand vehicles and the accuracy of their service history. Hiring a vehicle places the responsibility of a vehicle’s reliability back onto the hiring company, meaning that you can be sure the vehicle being hired will be running at its peak.

• Fitout – A vehicle’s equipment can change based on the region it’s expected to travel through. How are businesses and individuals expected to carry every possible accessory to account for all conditions that may be encountered? Some vehicles will require a bullbar, others a towbar, additional fuel tank, or even a fire extinguisher.

Even with all the accessories available, how much confidence can you have that the correct equipment has been fitted? These accessories also carry ongoing costs such as ensuring a first aid kit is stocked and in code, and that fire extinguishers are charged, tested, and certified.

By hiring a purpose-equipped vehicle, all these issues are resolved. Talk with experienced professionals, who can select a kitted-out vehicle based on your needs, with the assurance that all accessories are fully maintained and ready to go.

By hiring a purpose-equipped vehicle, a lot of stress can be taken out of planning your next expedition into the remote regions of Australia. By reducing the financial burden of maintaining and insuring a new vehicle and providing assurance in reliability and equipping the vehicle to suit the remote environment, you will find that hiring a purpose equipped vehicle will ensure you get to where you’re going safely.

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