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Frequently asked questions

  • Vehicle Hire Questions
  • Cedrent Ownership
What is the towing capacity on your 4WD's?
Anything over 750kg requires a Landcruiser as it is a legal requirement to have electric brakes, which are typically only fitted on our Landcruisers.
What are your kilometre allowances?
Kilometre allowances vary depending on your purchased package and state/location of hire vehicle type. Please read booking details on your package or contact our reservations team on 08 8268 1025 to find out more.
What ages are allowed to drive specific vehicles?

>25 only for all mine spec vehicles.
<25 have a young driver surcharge.

P-PLATERS and anyone under 21 must drive a standard size vehicle and under only.

Can I cross a border?
For Western Australia border crossing, the customer must inform us of their intend used to cross the border as per our T&C. Cross-borders between SA, NT, QLD, NSW, ACT & VIC are accepted.
When will I recieve my bond back?
A bond can be held anywhere from 14 to 28 business days, depending on card holders' banking institution.
How can I pay my bond?
All bonds must be put onto a valid Credit Card; we do not accept bank transfer or cash bond.
How can I add an additional driver, and will I be charged for it?

If the additional driver is present at the time of collection, we can add these details then as we will need to sight and scan the license. If the additional driver is not present at the time of collection, you can send up an email with your request along with a copy of the front and back of the physical licence.

There is no extra charge for an additional driver.

What percentage of Cedrent is First Nations Owned?
We're proud to say that the South Australian and Northern Territory Enterprise Rent-A-Car franchises are 75% owned by the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation. Further, Western Australia Enterprise Rent-A-Car Mining Regions is 87.5% First Nations owned!